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Rev. Cheryl Caruso, PhD Candidate, CNC, APP is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a graduate of Clayton College of Natural Health, accredited by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and The American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation and Certification Board, as well as an Ordained Interfaith Minister, a graduate of The New Seminary, chartered by The Board of Regents of The University of New York as a non-academic professional training program for Interfaith Ministry. Rev. Caruso is a Professional Member of The American Association of Nutritional Consultants, earning the national title of Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC). In addition, Rev. Caruso is a Polarity Therapist (APP) and member of The American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA). Other professional affiliations include The Society for Nutrition Education, The American College of Nutrition, The International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists, The American Association of Holistic Health, The Coalition of Natural Health, and The Association of Interfaith Ministers and a CBD Educator Executive Director for Kannaway, a Division of Medical Marijuana Inc. 


Rev. Caruso has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1995, a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy which shifts the mind towards the relinquishment of a thought system based on fear and the acceptance instead of a thought system based on love.  Rev. Caruso has been living a life based on the principles she teaches for over 25 years and has counseled patients in her practice since 1998.


Professional Affiliations:

  • The American Association of Drugless Practitioners (A.A.D.P.)

  • American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA)

  • The American Association of Nutritional Consultants (C.N.C.)

  • The American College of Nutrition (A.C.N.)

  • The Association of Interfaith Ministers (A.I.M.)

  • The Coalition for Natural Health (C.N.H.)

  • The American Holistic Health Association (AHHA)


                             Serving the Totality of Your Being!

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