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Nancy C.

Business Owner

"Cheryl is truly a gift to humanity.  Her high personal integrity and genuine love and care is very healing to people.  When working, Cheryl is very present with you, opening the door to that sacred place where true healing happens."

Debbie H.


"Cheryl is a passionate and devoted mentor.  In less than one year, her support and guidance has impacted my life in so many positive ways.  She lives her life with focus and purpose in her actions, and the results are felt by everyone she teaches."

Irene T.


"Cheryl was recommended to me as a "miracle healer" about 11 years ago, when I was suffering from a stiff neck.  I was hesitant to take pain killers to relieve the problem, and instead tried two Polarity treatments with Cheryl -- they completely healed my neck!  I have been a regular client of Cheryl's ever since, and brought my children to her for treatment as well.  My whole family and I have received a wide range of services from her over the last several years.  She helped us manage the release of post illness residue and traumatic stress and served as a nutritional and personal counselor.  Cheryl never failed to meet our highest expectations.  She is an incredibly kind, warm and professional human being.  It is always a pleasure and a privilege to be under her care." 

Shari C.

PT Aide

"After being involved in a life altering accident, Cheryl spent numerous hours talking with me on more than several occasions.  I credit her with 80% of my mental and physical recovery.  She was able, through her constant positive attitude, and encouraging words, to get my head in a place where I was able to move forward.  Her nutritional counseling and recommendations helped my body to heal far faster than it would have without her advice.  She will forever be my "Guardian Angel."

Lisa O.

Workshop Practitioner

"I met with Cheryl this past spring to discuss getting a new business off the ground.  Since meeting with her, I have created biz cards, a new website, marketing materials and have held several successful workshops with a great turnout and a satisfied audience.  Cheryl believed in me when I didn't fully believe in myself.  She gave me the confidence and the push I needed to make my dreams come true.  I still check in with her for a boost every once and a while.  She is always quick to respond, generous with her time and supportive.  I am so grateful she was placed in my path."

Karen O.

"Cheryl is a very knowledgable and empathetic healer. I loved working with her and found her advice and counseling so helpful."

Jeanette M.

"When I met Cheryl I was a mess, at the end of a 20 year relationship that I thought defined who I was. We started meeting two years ago, weekly now I touch base every month or two. I learned that happiness comes from within and how to be in control on my own. After our visits I felt lighter, calm, focused & with a smile on my face. Her unlimited time she dedicated to me and the many ways I could reach out and get her help if I needed was and is above and beyond. My relationship with Cheryl is one of the "positives" I gained during the major changes in my life...."

Linda F.

"Cheryl Is the most kindest and intelligent person you will ever meet.  She is helpful, patient and a blessing to this world."

Rich M.

Business Owner

"Cheryl is the most authentic down to earth person I have had the pleasure of meeting and now call my friend. Her guidance and insight has helped me change my life. I would highly recommend to anyone needing her services."

Jacklyn M.

Yoga Instructor

"After several unsuccessful attempts with traditional psychotherapy- I finally found someone who really made an impact and truly listened to me and what my needs were. Cheryl helped me find my authentic self and align my life with that person. I am beyond grateful for my experience with her."

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