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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is rapidly transforming from a little-known molecule into a potential breakthrough nutritional supplement as it grows in acclaim among the health conscious. CBD is found naturally throughout the flowers, seeds, and stalks of cannabis plants – including hemp and marijuana.


Unlike many of the 85+ cannabinoids – compounds found in cannabis – CBD occurs in significant quantities in cannabis, so it is easily extracted from the hemp plant for use in daily CBD hemp oil supplements.

Cannabidiol is the most exciting cannabinoids currently available due to its numerous potential benefits and legal status in the U.S. and in 40 countries internationally.

  • Where is CBD Found?
    CBD occurs naturally in the cannabis plant and can be found in significant quantities in both hemp and marijuana varieties of cannabis. The main functional difference between hemp and marijuana is the measurable level of THC. Marijuana is grown specifically to contain significant levels of THC, usually for recreational use, while hemp has only trace amounts of THC. CBD found naturally in hemp is also legal in the United States – while CBD from marijuana is federally illegal in the United States, though state-by-state legalization is occurring rapidly.
  • What Are The Effects of CBD?
    Medical research has shown that cannabidiol is not psychoactive in the same way as THC – the well-known high inducing molecule found in marijuana. This non-psychoactivity makes CBD safe for use by everyone, regardless of age, adding to its popularity. We know that CBD, like other cannabinoids, interacts with the body’s naturally occurring Endocannabanoid System, which is responsible for creating homeostasis within the body by promoting balance among functions like appetite, sleep, and immune response, for example.
  • What Are The Benefits of CBD?
    Tens of thousands of studies have demonstrated the wide array of potential benefits that cannabidiol may have. As regulators and lawmakers begin to take notice and create meaningful reform, cannabidiol has the possibility to become a mainstream ingredient in all kinds of common products. In the meantime, a diverse line of CBD products can be purchased legally from the Kannaway store for use by you and your family.
  • What is the research on CBD?
    You can read the research by ailment at
  • Is all CBD oil created equal?
    Absolutely not. Studies have shown that 90% of CBD products have lables that do NOT match their lab analysis and many products have been shown to contain NO CBD oil in them at all. With no regulation on CBD products, labels can lie. Know your oil. Do not buy based on price-point because the sad reality is you most likely will be putting heavy metals, toxins, mold, pesticides and other toxic unknowns into your body with little to no hemp at all. Kannawy CBD is European grown on centuries old 100% virgin hemp soil, Triple Lab tested free of pesticides, toxins, lead, and mold with a Certificate of Analysis on every product sold. Do not be fooled by imitators. Kannaway is a company of firsts... The first direct sales company to represent 100% legal non-psychoactive CBD; The first publicly traded cannabis company in the US; The first and only cannabis company to receive licensing rights; The first cannabis-based product that qualifies under the World Anti-Doping Standards; The largest producers of Hemp in the World; The first and only CBD supplements ever to be published in the PDR (Physician's Desk Reference. Kannaway holds the government patent awarded in 2003.
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